As a mother,How to choose a diaper bag for your baby to have a good travelling?

2016-06-25 18:51

Many mothers who know that it is time to go out with a baby is often a large bag, small bag with a lot of things, and sometimes not easy to find a mess of things, to introduce relevant mummy diaper bags of tips, easily organize good baby supplies, no longer embarrassed to go out after her mother.
In fact, as long as they manage Baoma own hands Mummy diaper bag, rational use, can be avoided out some embarrassing scenes.
So, Baby diaper bag really need to be considered is how to use it? If I had the wrong, milk, pour boiling water all over the place, the bag can cause environmental pollution, the worst case will affect the baby's health.
 diaper bag also double-hung buckle design, easy to hang on the parents pushing baby stroller to meet various needs. Parents can choose their own Mummy bag according to their needs.
But Baoma who also points out a lot of different situations, if conditions allow, the best can be equipped with large, medium and small models of the Mummy bag each. In this way, parents can choose Mummy package specifications according to the actual situation to go out, you do not always have to go out with a big band Mummy package.
Out specific circumstances, can be divided into the following three:
1, a short time to go out with a small model: for example, just to go out to buy something, the baby does not need to take too many things, with a small model of the Mummy package on the line.
2, a half-day out-to-day use of the model: If Mummy just go out with the baby for a long time just to teach a park or a friend Jia Zuozuo, so then you need to use the medium model Mummy package.
3, travel or visit relatives, need to use a large volume Mummy bag: travel to visit relatives or take a few days or more, when parents usually use bags, but the baby with the items loaded separately, need to use is still very convenient , this time with a large Mummy package is appropriate.
Selected according to the different circumstances that you need to carry out Mummy diaper bag, that bag inside again Mummy how to organize it?
Mummy package now on the market in the design is very user-friendly, and can be reasonably baby supplies scientifically placed separately, so that parents quickly pick and place items. But if there is no reasonable arrangements for Mommy put these items, no matter how good the design is in vain, oh.
Market Mummy diaper bag dazzling tricks. So, what kind of package Mummy parents can truly convenient to carry it freely?
Professional design Mummy bags business, usually around inside partakers bag, side bag, the bag also has a different size compartments package. In this way, parents can be structured to place a variety of baby products, but can not be used and used items scientific housed separately, convenient to take place.
Some relatively high-end Mummy bag, additionally equipped with a bottle cooler bag, specially for wet or wash bag transparent objects, independent of the cushion for the baby and the rest used for changing diapers and the like. In short, we need to bring the items to be specific and finely placed in the appropriate package.
Material security
baby diaper bag is easy to carry out infants and young children 0-3 years old parents tailor, mainly infants and young children placed with food and drink items, etc., the baby has just come into the world, less than the adult immune system, eat and drink and other items worn It should be stored separately. So safety, hygiene is particularly important, a huge impact on the health of infants. Therefore, the choice of materials must comply with national safety standards, such as azo-free, biodegradable aromatic amine dyes and the like.
Fashion models
Professional baby diaper bag style shades simple smooth appearance, generous, and "white collar" image consistent, can freely mix different seasons dress or fashion, even more comfortable chic, full of dynamic fashion, suitable for different occasions, easy to use, It looks more like a woman with a bag instead of BB package, generous.
Lando double-sided three-dimensional multi-function Mummy package: brand from Hong Kong: 5 colors to choose, fashion and generous; capacity of 16 liters large capacity, powerful; a variety of back method, portable, shoulder dorsal, hanging stroller etc; and 5 year warranty.
Hain shoulder baby diaper bag: professional environmental Mummy bag brand, in 4 colors; 18 pockets large capacity, so that chaotic stuff orderly; use of international standards of environmental protection materials, non-toxic, no smell; intimate design, 9 outside pocket for easy pick up items.
Mummy package useful?
Mummy packet size is generally large, mostly with the liner there, and some will have a bottle with a bag design is very user-friendly. Mummy package so the price is not low. We used to look at mothers who comments:
1. Out missed: If you often mothers with children out of consideration. In fact, this mainly depends on the individual circumstances, decorated with the baby, and put small sheets.
2. useless and ugly: Some mothers do not feel much use, Mummy bag expensive and mostly ugly, find a bigger bag, may be used instead.
How to choose Mummy bag? I want to buy genuine BB wheat supplies go to Tesco.
Now Mummy bag style a lot, so pick up will be more difficult. Like common fabrics are cotton, canvas, oxford cloth, leather relatively rare.
1. Select Mummy bag, we must first consider the size of the package, according to their height and size to choose, also depends on how many need to bring their own stuff every time out, select the appropriate size.
2. Second, consider the style, mostly shoulder messenger, but some are designed to be hung in the pram or stroller above, you can choose the time to weigh carefully. Inclusive style and interior design is actually very important time of purchase needs according to their own preferences and needs careful selection of it.
3. Finally, environmental protection is waterproof, but also more important. To ask in detail, and make a decision.
Mummy bag buy tips
The capacity is large enough opening large enough
Because children often go out, bag capacity is large enough, you can always put your baby items. Opening the bag should be large enough so that it is convenient for taking items.
· Bright colors and lively style
Mummy nice package, one can and Family fitted costume, add a lovely feeling, and secondly to attract children attention, especially children like strokes.
· Must completely waterproof lining
Waterproof outer layer material can be cleaned with a damp cloth, alcohol disinfection. Baby milk spilled juice leakage is common, need to ensure that the inner bag clean sterile.
· With a waterproof cushion
Mummy bag which must match with a waterproof cushion. This is used to change your baby, not only clean, but also make the baby comfortable.
· Bottle upright not fall means
Mummy bag requires a bottle upright means, put the bottle with most bags outside the bag, there are some clever design, this device moved inside.

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